Highster Mobile Cell Phone Spy: Unique functionality?

The team behind this cell-phone monitoring software has made sure that the app competently meets your needs to protect your children and ensure their safety. Did you know that it can retrieve information from the device you are monitoring even as old as more than a year ago? Its features allow you to peruse through the texts, social media exchanges (on Facebook, Instagram, imessages, Twitter), contacts, email addresses, photos and videos on your children’s cell phones.

Installation process

Our app is incredibly easy to download from over the air link we recommend to you and install on your device. Once installed, input your license key to activate the app and the phone number(s) you wish to keep an eye on and within 5 minutes you get information from the designated device. However for you to achieve these results you need to install the Hyster Mobile Spy app in the target phone. Highster Mobile Spy runs all types of android systems and most of Apple’s devices iphones and ipads.

How it works

The app’s first mission is to create a connection with your children’s phones. Afterou in ensuring that you get well informed and you do not have to miss on anything that is happening to your child. achieving it you will start receiving alerts on what is happening to them real-time and have unlimited access to their incoming and outgoing  texts, calls, social media, where they go and/or pass by among other details on the target phone. Highster Mobile Spy has a unique way of recovering both old and deleted texts and record calls which assist y

How does the app report?

Highster Mobile cell phone spy presents information from the target phone(s) to your device (computer/tablet/phone). The information is well organized in terms of the dates and time the activities took place, therefore you will be in a position to read and follow through with ease. The information from the target cell is displayed on your online control panel therefore you will need access to a Wi-Fi or internet connection from your mobile phone or modem so as to receive the information you need.

As a parent you cannot be with your children everywhere they are because you have to meet other needs such as food, shelter, water, school fees besides ensuring their safety. Thus if you are worried and having lots of thoughts and questions about the wellbeing of your children when you are not together with them because they are at school, home alone or hanging out with relatives or friends. Are they being stalked? Are they suffering any form of black mail? Are they into drugs especially child? Highstermobile is the app to help you put off your worries and assist you ensuring their safety and you are proactive in case your worries were true or surface later.

Customer support

Our live customer service is always available for you 24/7 to address any inquiries that you may have but we guarantee you that you will not be calling us because our product is designed to provide you with a quality service and is easy to operate. Nonetheless we are here for you and well are ready to assist you anytime of the day.