The Significance of Cyberbullying and Why it is Worse Than We Thought

There is plenty of talk about cyberbullying but few actually don’t know how detrimental it can be. Cyberbullying is a digital form of bullying done over the internet. This includes actions such as being called fat, stupid, wanna-be, loser, ugly, freak or fake, harassing others. It can lead to physical actions that sometimes cause serious injury or loss of life. In recent years it has gotten vicious and dangerous among teens and adults.  Many feel there has not been enough action taken to reduce or prevent such behavior. Yet, sometimes people may not realize exactly how cyberbullying gets it start.  Here are some situations known to influence bullying online and possible solutions to consider in resolving it.

It Can Start from a Prank or Actions from Another

In this scenario cyberbullying can happen in different ways.  This may include a hacker tapping into an account to post content, or someone you know gets into your social media account.  Either way details get shared and in some cases they may not be true or others get easily offended.  There are times the information is completely false but damage has still been done.  Sometimes people wonder if someone else really is responsible for content that was mentioned through a person’s account.  People are known to share information that is hurtful and wrong, but hackers are also known to do the same thing, even if they don’t know the person that owns the account.

It Starts Online and Could Lead to Real-Life Actions

There are situations that include cyberbullying online but it ends up staying online. Meaning, it doesn’t escalate to anything else.  There are people who deal with it often online and decide to let things go or they don’t let it bother them.  Then, you have others who are tired of being teased, hurt, offended or they just got fed up and want to take things into their own hands. Things move on to include meeting with the other party that bullied you in person.  The problem here is it could involve more than one person or it could be a setup. 

It is hard to see what can happen when meeting in person since anything goes.  Sometimes people that meet with their bully may not bother to tell someone else, yet the bully may bring a couple of people to help them. This is actually pretty sad.  Someone claiming to a be a bully may bring someone with them to have their back, yet they talk tough online as if they can handle their own.

It Is Hard to Really See its Effects in Others

Cyberbullying is difficult to see in others sometimes when they are a victim.  The bully says negative things about a person and they feel good about it.  They are not thinking about the person they are bullying but they are on a mission to ensure that person gets hurt.  Which is why there is a need for parents to monitor cell phone activities using an app like Highster Mobile. Bullying may be a sign that something is wrong at home. This doesn’t mean it is right to bully someone, but it may help to try and think about why a person bullies another before considering a course of action. Kids are instructed to tell an adult when bullying is wrong or when it gets out of control.  A person who is being bullied can be quiet about it even when it bothers them a lot.  They may not want to report it when they should, but letting it bother them so much can be unhealthy.  Some people have resorted to hurting themselves or taking their own life.

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