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Should I Jailbreak My Kid’s iPhone or Install Remotely: Questions to Ask Yourself When Installing Cell Phone Monitoring Software

While jailbreaking software remains one of the most popular and versatile ways to install cell phone monitoring software of all kinds, some cell phone monitoring software companies often programs with options to install monitoring software on an iPhone without having to jailbreak it. But both methods have their limitations that you will want to consider before even purchasing the software. Here’s what you should keep in mind before deciding between jailbreaking your kid’s phone or opting to install Highster Mobile software remotely.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between the two couldn’t be clearer. Jailbreaking a phone is a surprisingly simple process but one that often requires third-party software nowadays such as Pangu 9. Installing the software remotely, on the other hand, doesn’t typically require you to jailbreak the phone at all. But you will need to have the iCloud credentials for the phone you are planning to monitor. You won’t be downloading any programs to the target phone either. The remote method relies on simply allowing the software to monitor the target phone’s iCloud account in order to save and monitor data that iCloud will automatically save to the cloud.

What Are the Benefits of Installing the Software Remotely?

Let’s be honest, there’s one huge benefit to installing Hyster Mobile software remotely. You don’t need physical access to the target phone, which can be a huge problem if you’re trying to get a hold of your child’s phone. You’ll only need the iCloud credentials, which are usually easier to get a hold of, especially if you were the one who set them in the first place.

Installing remotely can be a more discreet process, especially when you have to deal with unruly, suspicious teenagers. The benefits of this can’t be overstated.

The Downsides of Remote Cell Phone Monitoring Software Installation

But while there are plenty of flipsides to monitoring your child’s phone remotely, there are some serious downsides too.

For one, monitoring someone remotely means you might not have the same access to all facets of the phone as you would if you installed the software on a jailbroken phone. For example, no live phone call monitoring and you might not be able to access all social media apps due to security features on an un-jailbroken iPhone. You also might not be able to remotely turn on the camera or deny access to certain apps.

Still, you’ll have the ability to read texts, emails, browser reading lists and so on, which is more than enough for most parents when it comes to keeping an eye on what their children are up to.

The Case for Jailbreaking a Phone

Jailbreaking a phone, on the other hand, depending on the Highstermobile software, allows you to monitor everything and remotely control access to the phone, key when you have very young children and can obtain physical access to the target phone in question.

Jailbreaking a phone usually only takes a matter of minutes. Just fire up Pangu 9, plug your phone in, and restart when necessary. Jailbreaking also allows you greater control over the feel and content of the phone. Is your kid struggling to understand why in the heck they need a stocks app on their iPad? You can download an app from Cydia and delete the default apps Apple insists on preloading onto every single iPhone they ship out.

But whether you jailbreak or monitor an iPhone remotely using iCloud credentials, you’ll still be able to effectively monitor your child’s phone. Just decide what features are important to you and whether you’ll need physical access to the phone or not.