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Just How Powerful is Highster Mobile as a Monitoring App?

Whenever I thought of power; size, complexity, control and ability came to mind. This was what I was looking for in a phone monitoring application. An introduction to Auto Forward by a close friend redefined power in many ways. I found out that Auto Forward is a powerful app in many simple ways.

The main power of Highster Mobile comes in its simplicity. It is very easy to install and use. Once downloaded, in three easy steps one is ready to roll. This is made possible by the instructions and video tutorials, in simple language, that accompany the product. They are very elaborate and detailed enough to be easily understood and implemented. Also, a customer service team is available at the other end of the phone ready to help should need arise.

Highster is also quite reliable. The application avails information and data from the monitored electronic device and displays them on a monitor as settled for by the one monitoring. The app is strong enough to permeate and extract these from a wide range and brands of electronic devices. It permeates the simple texts and photos, even those accessed through social media and avails them to the monitoring device. Are the images and texts in the monitored device deleted? No problem. Auto Forward will still get them and avail them as they were originally exchanged.

Also, one does not need to have the monitored device or even be close to it. All these actions Auto forward does discreetly. One only needs to have a few minutes contact with the target phone while activating the application and it is done. Unless the one monitoring the device reveals this to the target device users, they may not know that they are being monitored.

When Highster Mobile is installed to monitor a device, it also acts as a security application. If he target device is lost, misplaced or stolen, it can be traced to wherever place it is located with great accuracy. Using the GPS positioning system and google maps, Highstermobile gives regular updates on the locations and movements of the target device to the one monitoring. Remotely, the target device can be commanded to take photos of the place or people with it and sent to specified email addresses. The data can then be used to track down the gadget and the culprits if the gadget was stolen.

Besides accessing the images and texts, Highster can enable someone listen in to conversations on the target phone. This can be important in pre empting action should need arise. This listening in is easily executed by turning on the phone microphone. One can then hear everything in crystal clear sound.

Should there be a need to monitor the online activities of a target devices, Auto Forward gives a myriad of options. One can check the web browsing history to see what the target device user has been up to. Should a site regularly visited be suspect, the one monitoring can block it and if it is the result of the use of a specific application, the application can be easily uninstalled remotely.

With all these functions and extras, wouldn’t Auto Forward cost me an arm and a leg? This is where Hyster Mobile became even more beautiful and powerful to me. It is very pocket friendly. Besides the amount used in purchasing the app, there are no subscription or hidden charges. Even the constant updates users get are free of charge. All these functions at a very affordable price and guaranteed reliability make Highster Mobile a very powerful monitoring tool worth a try.