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A Discussion on the Benefits and Negative Claims of Mobile Phone Spyware

Tracking a cell phone has never been easier these days. This has been made possible by the innovations this generation brought to the phone industry. Just imagine the fact that cell phone spying can be done in just one click. Through the help of a cell phone monitoring software, you can easily track the phone user at any given point in time alongside their phone activities. You can gain information such as call and text logs, web history, phone conversations and photos or videos being shared. All you have to do is to purchase a spy app of your choice, download and install it. After this process, you are good to go!

People who Benefit from these Spy Apps

A lot of people have been utilizing mobile phone spy apps for practical reasons. These include concerned parents who are thinking about nothing but the welfare of their children especially the people who come in contact with them. They have to know their kid’s whereabouts and cell phone monitoring softwares have done it for them. There has been an alarming rate of child trafficking and abduction these days, that is why having a monitoring software can give parents an assurance that their child is safe from harm.

Meanwhile, businessmen consider monitoring softwares as a must-have for each company. In some corporations, there are company phones given to employees in order to do business transactions. However, there are some that exceed the job description they are ought to do. Instead of doing business-related things, they would use the phone to call their loved ones or surf the internet. As a result, the company has an increasing mobile bill which is a large hassle for their business. And instead of gaining profit, the result is otherwise.

Negative Claims for Spy Apps and Possible Solutions

However, despite the positive claims cell phone monitoring has in the phone industry, there are still people who are raising their eyebrows towards this. They are fighting out for the confidentiality or privacy issues that surface upon the installation of this software. It might be intruding someone’s personal space which is important to some. For the others, having something that scrutinizes every movement they do impedes their freedom to do whatever they want. Although it might be helpful especially on establishing the aspect of trust, still it is not a good idea.

That is why, huge cell phone monitoring software companies encourage users to see to it that there should be consent on both parties and the intent of ‘spying’ has been thoroughly explained to the phone user. Mobile phone spyware should not in any way be used without asking permission. As long as there is proper communication and it is done to save someone’s life and safeguard security, there should be no problem at all.

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