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The Many Features and Benefits of Using Highster Mobile

Cellphone monitoring softwares have taken the market by storm, thanks to their numerous functions and benefits. Since it is widely common for individuals not to leave home without bringing their cellphones in their pockets, this makes it easier to monitor their activities through a mobile monitoring software. One of the most popular softwares available in the market is Highster Mobile. Let’s take a look at its features and the benefits it offers to its users.

The Features and Benefits

Mobile monitoring apps have a wide array of features when it comes to tracking and surveillance. Highstermobile, as a matter of fact, has a fully-loaded range of specifications making it useful for both iPhone and Android users.

Text message monitoring – This feature makes it possible to track and record both incoming and outgoing text messages on the mobile phone, even after it has been deleted.

Call log monitoring – Function the same as the text message monitoring feature, call monitoring tracks all incoming and outgoing calls made on the mobile device, even after they have been deleted. Also included are time and date stamps as well as call duration. Another feature of this cellphone monitoring app includes recording outgoing and incoming calls made on the mobile device.

Photo and video logHighster Mobile makes it possible to access the gallery of the cellphone device being monitored. This include all photos and videos captured by the phone as well as those that are stored on the device.

Live control panel – The live control panel serves as a dashboard where all information can be found. Here, all files can be filed, sorted and organized according to their info.

GPS location – The GPS location monitoring makes it possible to know the exact location of the mobile device. Here, parents and employers can track the whereabouts of children and employees, making sure they are exactly where they claim to be.

Browser historyHyster Mobile makes it possible to track all activities of the mobile phone, especially where browsing the internet is concerned. For kids, parents can check the different sites their children commonly visit, making it possible to exercise parenting controls once mature content has been accessed.

Social networking app logs – Here, parents can check the actual time and duration spent by their children on social networking sites. Also for employees, this makes it possible for business owners to see to it that a company phone is mainly used for business transactions and not for personal or recreational benefits.

Stealth camera – With this feature, users can remotely access the camera of the phone being monitored in order to capture an image. This makes it an indispensable feature in ensuring the safety of children when out with strangers.

Highster Mobile is a multi-functional cellphone monitoring software that comes with countless tracking features. Made with top technology advancements, it offers a great opportunity for users to track mobile devices with ease.