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Cell Phone Spying Software: The Issue on Privacy

Cell phones always have new innovationsevery year. Today, we are enjoying one of the benefits we can get from these mobile units through the help of an installation of a cell phone spying software. This kind of monitoring software allows us to monitor a person’s phone activities which include text messaging history, call logs, web history and photos or videos being shared. The advanced feature of this software allows consumers to listen to actual phone conversations done on the phone which makes spying on cell phones an issue of concern.

The Installation

After a mobile phone spy software has been properly installed on the target phone, you will be directed to a live control panel where all of the vital information can be obtained. In just one click, you will be able to get hold of the specific location and distances of the phone user. Through the help of a GPS tracking system, you will be receiving real time updates 24/7 of the phone user’s activities. You can do this anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available. One would be able to see a live screenshot and GPS location map of the phone user. If the phone has been lost, you can retrieve it easily with the help of this tracking system.

Privacy Issue Being a Concern

However, there has been a great argument regarding the privacy of the person being monitored. It would be an unethical manner to spy on the person even up to the tiniest details. For this reason, cell phone spying software companies suggest users to explain the genuine intent of having such app on the mobile device to be monitored.

If parents want to do this for their kids, the kid must be able to comprehend the benefits why there is a ‘spying’ that is happening. The employer must also be able to thoroughly explain the reason why there is a company phone being handed to a worker. The main objective of this phone is to do business-related transactions and that alone. If the other party agree upon the use of a monitoring software, then this could be categorized on an ethical approach.

Additional Features of Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Aside from the live control panel with all the necessary information you would be getting, you can also monitor messenger services and get a hold of the apps being installed on the cell phone. You can view social media activities and contacts, calendar events and tasks on the mobile device. Although there might be concerns surfacing such monitoring software, there is no denying that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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