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Is your Daughter Responsible Enough to be a Nanny?

So your little girl just got a job for the summer taking care of someone else’s little girl and you couldn’t be more proud … if not a little concerned. She’s 15, certainly old enough to take care of herself now, but is she mature enough to handle caring for someone younger than her for up to 5 hours of the day? Obviously you know your daughter and have complete confidence in her to be good and try her hardest—but taking care of someone’s else’s child is a really big deal.

Being a nanny is not job to take lightly—especially when the kids are under 10. Yes, it can be easy at times—because you get to sit and play and watch t.v.—but it can also be really hectic. As every parent knows, when it comes to caring for kids, anything can go wrong in a moment’s notice. One minute your child is sitting and watching cartoons happily, the next, they are on the floor bleeding from their head. They could be out back enjoying a sandwich, picnic style, then suddenly choking to death on that fruit kabob you thought they would love.

You as a parent would find any of these moments to be harrowing. You have probably had something like this happen countless times—and you probably experienced a temporary moment of panic when it did. So how do you think an inexperienced teenager would handle it if something similar went down?

Yes, there’s always 911, but that’s for real emergencies. What about the regular stuff? What if you just weren’t sure your daughter was really ready to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a little kid. You would love to be able to check up on her, but you can’t because you’re working. So what could you do? Well, I’ll tell you. You could start by installing a spy cell phone text messages on her cell phone so that you can check up on her throughout the day.

A good mobile spy cell phone tracker allows you to access the target phone’s dashboard from a remote location, so that you can see what the user is doing on it in real-time. If you’re concerned that she might be wasting too much time on her device instead of tending to the kids, then you would know instantly. Use the app to see if she’s texting all day or posting on social media, checking her emails and snapping selfies instead of feeding those kiddos or doing proper diaper duty. You can also activate her phone’s camera in order to take a picture of her environment so that you can actually see if they are all safe and even turn on the phone’s microphone so that you can listen in on her surroundings.

You know your daughter better than anyone, but you also know the high level of responsibility of taking care of children. Even if your little girl is ready for this, anything could happen that could end her whole world into a tailspin. Do yourself and her and the kids she is caring for a favor and provide the backup you all need. Install a spy cell phone tracker free on her phone ASAP.