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Know The Pros and Cons of Free and Premium Tracking Packages to Spy on Cell Phone Text Messages

Do you feel curious? Do you think you need to know more about your partner’s mobile activities to solve your suspicions? A spy app can let you monitor the activities of another individual without them knowing about it. However, there are free and premium tracking options you can avail depending on the brand you choose. Before you even  spy on cell phone text messages,  here’s a guide to help you choose the best brand that can serve you well.

Should You Go for Free or Not?

To  spy on cell phone text messages for free,  you need to check for a brand that offers a free trial package. Usually, this option gives you a chance to monitor text message threads on the target phone. Other than this, you don’t have any access to other advanced features offered by the brand.

A premium package on the other hand gives you a chance to monitor the target phone in an in-depth level. Data that can be fetched using a premium access mobile monitoring app includes text messages, calls, media gallery, contacts, social media activity, mobile internet usage, browser history and location with the use of a built-in GPS tracking system.

What to Choose Then?

If you mainly want to spy on cell phone text messages for free online, then you can go for a free trial option to help you experience the basic features of a brand. This is a good option especially if you are still unsure of the app of your choice. Plus, you won’t have any regrets thinking you didn’t spend anything in the first place.

On the other hand, if you have already made up your mind on a certain brand, that’s the time you go for a premium access option. This package gives you access to a highly intensive monitoring system as if the phone is just at the palm of your hands. Plus, some brands even give you the capacity to handle the apps on the phone for you to listen to calls, record videos, take pics using the phone camera as well as shut down the entire device when needed.

A Word of Advice

Before you even try using a spy app, make sure to review local laws to prevent getting yourself tangled in legal cases. Some states and countries strongly prohibit the use of these spy apps especially without the consent on the phone owner. Use the app for good and you might just have a highly powerful and useful tool to help you for good reasons.

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