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Can I Rely on Auto Forward for Electronic Device Monitoring?

Can I Rely on Auto Forward for Electronic Device Monitoring?

I wanted to be in control of my company devices use after suspecting some online activity could be responsible for some data leakages and constant malware. A trusted colleague in the business recommended cell phone monitoring application with confidence that it would help me sort out my issues. However, questions still lingered: how reliable is Auto Forward in monitoring electronic devices? Can it deliver? My research and ultimate experience removed all doubt.

Highster Mobile is very reliable to say the least. To begin with, it is amazingly easy to install and use the application. What one needs is to download the application and install following the detailed instructions on the video tutorial accompanying the application. A few minutes with the target phone or device will set you up and ready for business. The customer experience service at the other end of the phone and ready to help makes the installation of the application easy and its usage quite efficient.

The question arose, what if the technology used in the running of the target device is updated? Will my Auto Forward still be relevant and productive? Auto Forward is a result of long and consistent research by a team of researchers determined to give the best to the client. Thus, the application is consistently updated in line with the ever changing technology. The application updates automatically and at no extra cost to the user. Also, no extra cost is charged monthly or otherwise besides the purchase price. Once purchased and installed, there are no more charges. Simply put, Highstermobile is affordably effective as a monitoring application.

There are many functions that Auto Forward can perform. Besides helping one monitor a target device, it also acts as a security application. Just like the phone security application like Mc Afee, a target device can be located wherever it is through the use of the GPS locator and Google maps. To keep the user in the know, the application provides consistent and regular updates on the whereabouts and location of the target phone at short intervals on Google maps. This comes in handy when the target phone user is in trouble, lost or the device stolen or misplaced. The exact location of the device can be determined and help given or the gadget traced.

On the security of the company or individual as captured by the contents of a lost target device, Hyster Mobile can protect the information and data in a number of ways? The target device can be remotely commanded to delete the data and information in the lost phone. This way, no unauthorized person can access the information. Alternatively, the device can be locked so that someone cannot access it without a specific password.

Should the possessor of the target device wish to be mischievous by may be infecting the company online resources or visiting potentially ‘risky’ sites, Auto Forward empowers the user to monitor the online activities of the target phone. Once the suspect sites and applications are identified, Auto Forward enables the user to block offending sites and uninstall the dangerous applications. Also, a red flag can be placed on the uninstalled and blocked applications should the user try to re-install them or access the blocked sites. A notification will put the user on alert and help him take appropriate action.

These reasons cannot be exhausted. There is so much more that Auto Forward affords the user than what this space and time allows to be enumerated. Simply put, Auto Forward is a very reliable and efficient tool should one think of electronic device monitoring.



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Highstermobile: The Modern Answer to Your Child’s Concern

Mobile phone spy apps have been a revolutionary help to people all over the world. This fact has also been a good boost to the budding phone spy app industry through the various benefits individuals can obtain from it. The main reason why these apps have been well loved by the public, specifically by parents, is the fact that they can assure one’s safety and protection by having a detailed information of their kid’s activities. One of the most trustworthy and well loved brands sold in the market is Highster Mobile. This article will explain more about this brand and its features as well as the benefits you can possibly gain from it.

The company behind Highster Mobile created this mobile phone spy app to be the ‘answer’ of the different countless concerns of parents towards their kids. Some potential threats might be at times overlooked and this is where Highster Mobile comes into play. Privacy issues might surface through this app but as long as there is a thorough explanation on the intention, then there is nothing to be weary about. Always remember that the main objective why you have purchased, installed and downloaded this app is to maintain your kid’s optimum safety and protection.

What Can Highster Mobile Do for You?

By purchasing Highster Mobile or Hyster Mobile, you will be ensured of a guarantee that will keep your kid away from harm. After you have properly installed this spy app, you will be then directed to its online dashboard wherein all necessary details are placed. You will be able to keep track of all the call logs of your kid’s mobile device, whether these have been a call made or received. This dashboard also shows important details like the call duration and the number contacted by the phone.

While you sometimes can’t help but wonder who the person is your child is talking to over the phone, this app makes it possible for you to know who this other person might be. This product will lessen your anxiety and give you a peace of mind that you deserve. Text messaging logs can also be found in the dashboard. All of your questions such as “Who is he/she texting?” or “Who keeps on sending him/her nonstop messages?” will be answered through this app. In just one click, all of the information can be found in the dashboard’s control panel.

The internet has been a critical place for your kids to interact with the people they know as well as strangers. There are several child molesters lurking behind the monitor screens trying to make kids as their bait. Also, there are tons of potentially harmful sites that could pollute the mind of your young ones.

Mobile phone spy apps such as Highstermobile enable you to protect your children from the negative effects of the online world.

Highster Mobile is a powerful tracking app that monitors and provides GPS tracking to your kid’s mobile phone. With its powerful tracking software and algorithm, it offers an extensive list of benefits for parents to enjoy.


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Highster – Power in Simplicity

While looking for a mobile device monitoring application, a friend introduced me to what he had been using for quite some time with amazing results. As he went on and on about the benefits of the application he was using, I had to stop him short as I was getting a bit mixed up by what he was saying. It appeared that the application he was vouching for was doing so much but I could not figure out the complexity supposed to make it that powerful. He smiled and assured me: “Highster has power in its simplicity.” He had to elaborate further.

The installation of a powerful application need not be complicated. The power should be evident after it begins to work. Highster Mobile is very easy to install and use. Once downloaded, you do not need a person trained in Information Technology to install. The simple to understand and follow instructions are detailed enough to enable easy installation by the user. These are captured in step by step video tutorials which accompany the downloaded application for better and much easier interaction with the product. The customer support staff is also at the ready and available to help the customer get the experience he deserves.

Highstermobile works in a simple, discreet but very efficient manner. It permeates the normal data and even social media platforms and retrieves all needed data and information and present them to the user. This information and data may be in the form of photos, texts, videos, emails, call logs and even contacts. These are then displayed in an easy to understand and user-friendly format on a dashboard display on the monitoring device.

With cell phone monitoring software, it is simple and easy to trace a target device especially if it is lost or misplaced. The whereabouts and exact location of the target device are displayed on the monitor on Google maps at short intervals. One can tell the exact location and movement of the device through the tracking. This is security for the target device and the user to a great extent in a very simple but practical way. If the device is stolen and the suspect is moving with it, a number of options are availed by the application to the user. You can help apprehend the suspect by taking photos and sending them to the authorities. The camera just needs a simple command from the user from his or her place and remotely, the photo will be taken.

Should the possessor of the target phone be in trouble, the user can take a photo of the surroundings to see how it is and the people there. Alternatively, he or she can turn on the microphone on the target device. This will enable the user listen in on the conversation and take appropriate action. This listening in can also be applied on conversations between the target device and suspicious contacts. The user can get the conversation real time and take action as befits the situation.

If a web site visited by the target phone or a downloaded application is deemed dangerous, Hyster Mobile gives the user options. On seeing the web search history, a user can block access to the suspicious site and flag. Also, the application can be uninstalled and blocked from being reinstalled.

The simplicity of the Highster application does not mean it is simplistic. It is simply power packaged in a simple container. It does so much and is real value for your money. Of course I settled for Highster to also experience the power in simplicity and not wait to be told.


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The Many Features, Advantages and Uses of Highster Mobile

There has been an increase in the demand of spy app softwares nowadays. Safety and protection are just two of the most popular reasons propelling concerned mothers and fathers to use a spy monitoring software for the welfare of their children. One of the popular spy app softwares sold in the market nowadays is Highster Mobile. This article is solely intended to explain the different features of this app and what it can do for its users.

What Does Highster Mobile Have in Terms of Monitoring?

The company behind Highstermobile created this spy app primarily to give users a feeling of safety and reassurance. While privacy might be a common issue associated with the use of mobile monitoring softwares, this case is arguably valid where safety is concerned. As long as the intention of “spying” is explained in a very thorough manner, there would be no problem at all.

Through the use of a GPS monitoring system, parents can easily locate the mobile unit of their children even if they are at work. Also, mobile devices being tracked can be retrieved once lost with the help of the software’s GPS monitoring system.

Highster Mobile offers access to the mobile device’s information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitoring of the device can be done through a secure remote access portal.  Listed below are the features of this mobile monitoring software.

The Many Features of Highster Mobile

You can retrieve all call logs, text messages and internet usage and activity on the user’s phone. This simply means that any phone conversations can be listened to once they have been carried out on the mobile device being tracked. It does not matter if it has been a call made or received because all phone conversations are recorded. This information is directed to a Live Control Panel wherein all the vital information is listed.

Aside from call logs, you can also retrieve information on the text messaging history of the phone. All text messages whether sent, received and deleted are also directed to the Live Control Panel. Added details include the time sent or received. Again, all this information can be obtained by the software.

Hyster Mobile also has a GPS tracker that allows you to find out where the target phone is at any time of the day. The accurateness of this app can even pinpoint a certain house address. It will also show the phone’s movements or location in the Google Map. Take note however that the tracked phone should have battery power for the GPS tracking feature to fully work.

The app also comes with a Microphone Activation Live which enables someone to activate the microphone on the target phone and listen to what is happening around him or her.

With all the countless features of this mobile monitoring software, it is no wonder why a lot of benefits and advantages can be derived from using it.

Highster Mobile offers a comprehensive tracking package for individuals looking for a powerful monitoring software. Backed with a long line of features and capabilities, it remains as one of the most effective tracking software up to date.

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How to Install Monitoring Software on a Windows Phone

While a Windows phone might not have the same reach that Android or iOS devices have, thousands of people still own and use them regularly. Your child may be one of them. Or maybe you’ve provided your employees with company Windows phones. Whatever the case may be, installing monitoring software is something you’re likely considering.

Unlike Android or iOS phones, you may notice that installing monitoring software might not be as straight-forward on a Windows phone. But once you know what to do, the process is surprisingly simple. Here’s how to install monitoring software on a Windows phone without stress or pain.

Getting Started/Things to Consider

Not all Highster Mobile programs offer users the ability to monitor a Windows phone so keep this in mind before you act and consider the devices that the software is capable of monitoring before you proceed with purchasing a license. You can always view the covered devices that the software is available for on the manufacturer’s website.

Some of the more popular programs on the market offer Windows mobile monitoring capabilities so be vigilant and ask if you’re not sure whether or not they offer users the ability to install the software.

Installing the Software

First, make sure that you’re using a compatible OS. Review the manufacturers’ website to see what the operating system requirements are. Most Windows phones and versions of the Windows mobile operating system should be covered but you’ll want to double-check. To check your operating system information, visit the main menu. Visit your settings menu and scroll down until you find the About section. While it’s usually easy to tell what version you’re running (since it corresponds with the operating systems available for PCs), it’s always good to double check.

Visit your web browser. If you have a Windows 10 phone, your default browser is usually Microsoft Edge. Older phones will usually run Internet Explorer.

You’ll be provided with a URL where you can download the cell phone monitoring software. Enter it into the browser and follow the link. Download the software when prompted.

Much like downloading the software onto a BlackBerry, you’ll want to make sure that you enable permissions when prompted. For Hyster Mobile software to work as intended, you’ll want to make sure that all your bases are covered and that you’ll be able to monitor every facet of the phone’s usage, including GPS location information and access to social media, etc.

You may be prompted to restart your phone. Do so when asked and you’ll be good to go.

The nice thing about the installation process is that it shouldn’t take too long. Some cell phone monitoring programs can be successfully downloaded onto the target phone within less than a minute but this can depend on your Internet connect, your operating system, and the software itself.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the software, open the app which should appear on your phone. Make sure you have your purchase information handy. This is how you’ll actually activate the software. When you open the app, you’ll be prompted to enter your activation key.

Now if you’re worried about your children or employees noticing the software, no worries. You can hide the app so it doesn’t appear from the main menu of the app. Should you wish to alter settings, you can do so by opening up the app again and logging in or by logging into your account on the monitoring software’s web page.

You’ve now successfully installed Highstermobile software on a Windows Phone. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re good to go and can now monitor activity on the target phone with ease.


How to Install Cell Phone Monitoring Software on a Symbian Phone

While Symbian phones never enjoyed the same level of popularity that Android phones or iPhones have today, they were once one of the most widely used phones around. Nokia’s own operating system was in wide use up until a couple years ago. If you’re like most diehard Symbian fans, you may still be trying to hold onto your Nokia phone. And if you’re reading this, chances are likely that you’re thinking about installing Highster Mobile onto it. Whether it’s your own phone or your child’s, here’s how to easily install cell phone monitoring software onto a Symbian phone.

Things to Consider

Before you even think about downloading cell phone monitoring software, be careful before you purchase software for your Nokia. Not many cell phone monitoring software companies produce software compatible with the Symbian OS. Always check to see what devices are compatible with the software before you purchase. It never hurts to ask either.

But before you ask, always make sure you know what version of the Symbian OS you’re running on your phone. You can double-check by checking online since the version of Symbian you have might depend on the model of Nokia phone as well as keying in #000# on stand-by to see what firmware you have. You can’t update or change the version you have, so be mindful of this when buying an older Nokia phone.

Some Nokia phones may instead be running a Windows OS. In this case, you’ll want to refer to our guide on how to install Highstermobile software on a Windows phone instead since what really matters is the operating system a phone uses, not so much the make or model.

Starting the Installation

Once you know for sure that your phone is a compatible model with the software you’d like to use, purchase your product license. You should then be given a special URL where you can download the software.

Visit your phone’s web browser and follow the URL. You’ll be asked if you would like to download the software. Select yes.

It is worth noting that you can also download Nokia programs onto your PC as well by following the link. You’ll need to plug in your phone to the computer in order to finish installing, however and you’ll need to open up Nokia PC Suite. We’ll talk a bit more about this process in a moment.

Assuming you’re downloading the software directly onto your phone, allow for permissions when prompted. As the software downloads, you may be asked to restart. Do so when asked to properly finish installing the app.

When the software has completed, you’ll see an app has now appeared on your phone where you can access the monitoring software’s settings. Enter your user name and password for the software when prompted. You may be asked to create a special pin you can use to log into the account in the future. Do so and make sure you write the pin down- it will be difficult to recover it later.

On a PC

But if you decide to download the software from a PC, the steps are fairly simple. Visit the download link and download the Hyster Mobile software. It will download as a zipped folder.

Once it has been downloaded, unzip the folder and place the .sis/.sisx/.jar file on your desktop or in a folder if you prefer. You’ll then need to connect your phone to your PC and open up Nokia PC Suite in order to upload the application. Simply drag and drop the application from your desktop or the folder you dropped it into Nokia PC Suite. You’ll then be asked to accept the request on your phone. Do so and install promptly.

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Apps You Should Avoid Letting Your Young Child Download

While Highster Mobile software can ultimately help you keep an eye on your child’s Internet and smart phone usage, it’s never too early to teach your child how to behave responsibly online. There are various websites you need to be careful about letting your child download due to both personal safety issues and keeping your child from accessing age inappropriate content before they’re ready. Don’t let your young child download these apps. And even when your child gets older, it may be key to ensure that your child doesn’t abuse their privilege.


While users shouldn’t make an account before they’re thirteen years old, many parents allow their young child to make an account anyway. Don’t let your child be one of them. Along with being too easily able to access age inappropriate content, including swearing and partial nudity, it’s easy for predators to message your kids without warning. Don’t let children under ten even consider starting a Facebook account and monitor your child’s Facebook usage extensively when they’re over the age of thirteen and able to make an account on the website. Facebook can be a lot of fun but it’s also not the most age appropriate app out there.


Snapchat is popular among young children thanks to its colorful, funny filters and ability to quickly message friends. But the nature of Snapchat makes it highly inappropriate for children under thirteen. Messages off of Snapchat vanish within a matter of seconds (although you’ll be able to see them with Highstermobile software even after they disappear). For kids, the temptation is high for sending out wildly inappropriate or problematic content, especially when they believe that they won’t be watched. And while Snapchat users can choose who they add as contacts through the app, it’s easy for predators and unsavory people to fake an account and try to message your child.


Whisper already sounds alarming on the surface. It’s an app that allows users to share their deepest, darkest secrets anonymously with the rest of the world. While it can be a great tool to help people vent out frustrations they couldn’t share with their family or friends, Whisper isn’t the safest or most secure app, especially when it comes to the kinds of content your children may come across. Whisper often features sexualized content from users, many of whom use Whisper in an attempt to ‘hook up’ with other users. Whisper also gives a user’s approximate location out with every post a user creates, making it all too easy for someone to locate your child. Download with care, if at all.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is really only suitable for the college set and even then, it’s a difficult app to stomach. Yik Yak allows people to make anonymous posts venting about people, places or their lives. Since it’s anonymous, cyberbullying is a huge problem. Children might also encounter offensive, defamatory content. People can up vote or down vote content. If your children aren’t prepared for people potentially down voting or sending rude messages on content they share, this app definitely isn’t a good fit for them.

All apps featured here have their place. But when it comes to providing children with a safe, age appropriate environment, none of them deliver. Don’t let children under the age of ten download these apps. But should you decide that your child is ready to consider downloading and using these apps, use Hyster Mobile software to ensure that they’re using these apps responsibly and be ready to talk about the kinds of content they’ll stumble upon.

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When it’s Time to Monitor a Teen’s Cell Phone

As a child grows older and gets into their teenage years, it can become more difficult to keep track of them and make sure that they are safe and making wise choices. Those who are parenting their children and looking for new methods of parenting to be able to help keep their sons and daughters safe may be considering something new. This is where a cell phone monitor comes into play.

Those who are looking into a Highster Mobile program may be wondering when is the right time to begin monitoring the smartphone of their son or daughter. There are certainly red flags and signs that are going to be evident when a child is needing to be monitored, but at times it is still a subjective decision, requiring the judgement of the parents to determine if their child is needing special surveillance to make sure that they are safe.

Signs that a Teen needs a Cell Phone Monitor

There are going to be certain signs that a teen could benefit from a Hyster Mobile program. Whether they are already making poor choices or seem that they are beginning to have important attitude issues, it’s important that they are helped by their parents by having a cell phone monitor in place to protect them.

Sneaking out at Night

If a teen is sneaking out at night, it could be a plea for help. They may be under peer pressure and feel like they need to sneak out and party in order to fit in with their friends. The important thing for a parent is to be able to track a phone using GPS, and be able to track the text messages and phone log of a phone remotely.

Possible Drug Abuse

Another of the more obvious reasons why one may need to begin monitoring the cell phone of their teen is if there is apparent drug use. Drug use can be easy to hide, depending on the drug, but for a parent it’s important to be able to monitor a teen who is beginning to make poor choices.

Grades Dropping

One of the first signs of a teen beginning to make poor choices could be that their grades begin dropping. Some teens may simply have time management struggles and be spending too much time on their phones. Having a parent monitor their smartphone activity could be a great way for the teen to learn time management skills.

Disrespectful and/or Distant

If a certain teen is becoming disrespectful towards one or both of their parents, it could be a sign that they need more assistance in the way that they are dealt with by their parents. In other cases, there may be a teen or child who has become distant. If a teen has stopped communicating with their parents or is becoming distant, this could be a sign that they need to have their cell phone monitors.

There are a wide variety of reasons why a parent may deem it necessary for their child to have a cell phone monitoring program installed onto their smartphone or mobile device. The important thing is for them to act on whatever choice they make, and make a choice that is going to be best for their son or daughter. Those who are looking into the possibility of a Highstermobile program are going to benefit greatly from having the right program installed onto their child’s phone. This can give them peace of mind while also giving them the ability to keep their kids safe.




The Importance of a VPN Service

Every day, we’re online. Whether you’re checking Facebook from home or sitting on your laptop at the local Starbucks, we all rely on Wi-Fi to get various things done online. But as you already know, your online activity isn’t always secure. You may have heard the term VPN thrown about. And if you’ve ever wondered whether or not a VPN service is important, here’s why you may want to consider using it and why VPN services can come in handy.

Thwart Tracking Services

Whenever you Google something or visit literally any website on the web, your behavior is being tracked. That’s why when you go on Amazon and look for towel rings, you’ll receive ads for towel rings from different vendors on sites like Facebook. Every time you search for something, websites like Google save your search information. Your browsing behavior is monitored. While you can call it a somewhat fair trade-off for using free services, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be comfortable with it. Enter the VPN service. VPNs, or virtual private networks, help you hide your Internet activity from website trackers, allowing you to keep every weird Google search to yourself.

Protect Yourself While Traveling Abroad

If you don’t live in a country where the government is trying to monitor your activity online, consider yourself lucky. This isn’t the reality for millions of people all over the globe. If you’re concerned about calls you’re making while abroad or to people who live in countries where their channels of communication may be monitored, consider investing in a VPN service to hide your IP address. This makes it so you’ll be harder to track and you’ll be able to disguise where you’re making calls out of, which could be a literal lifesaver in many cases.

You’re Streaming Content

The content you can access while streaming can heavily depend on your IP address. On Netflix, for instance, some shows and films are only available in certain countries. This can be a pain to navigate, especially when regions appear to be entirely arbitrary. A VPN service, on the other hand, can make it seem like you’re accessing content from another country, saving you both time and allowing you to properly enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, music artists, and more. The possibilities really are endless when you have a VPN service at your side. You can even enjoy websites and exclusive content only available in other countries, making the Internet your oyster.

You’re Downloading Content

Whether you’re downloading legitimate content or, erm, pirating, you may be worried about whether your downloads will be tracked and if your security is something you need to worry about. But never fear. Downloading content doesn’t have to be anxiety inducing. A VPN service can help you disguise your IP address, thwarting people who may give you cause to worry about your security online before they have a chance to sniff you out.

You’re Just Worried About Your Privacy

You don’t have to give up your privacy just because you’re online. A VPN service is designed to help you reclaim your privacy online. You can protect your valuable information from entry level hackers, trackers, and more. Even if you’re not worried about your browsing behavior being discovered, privacy is still an important facet of life to preserve. Whether you’re using your own encrypted connection or siphoning free Wi-Fi from a café, preventing your activity from being spied on is key. And a VPN service, of which there are hundreds of legitimate companies offering such services right now as we speak, is the way to do it.

When using an app like Highster Mobile to track your child’s cell phone activities, make sure you gain access to the phone for at least 3 minutes for the installation. After installation, you may already use the app discreetly. Highstermobile is created especially for employers and parents who need to monitor employee and child activities.

For only $69.99, Hyster Mobile is the best app you can buy. It allows you unlimited installations and provides unlimited updates.

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Tips on How to Get your Android Phone to Run Faster

If you use your Highster Mobile for a few months heavily it is possible you may see changes in product performance. Getting a new Android phone is a great moment. You turn it on and start downloading apps and it runs fast and smooth.  Fast-forward and you’ve had the phone for some time now only to notice it seems to run slow or it switches screens slower than ever.  Android users may notice differences in loading and running speeds depending on their phone design and brand.

Here are some tips on how to get your Android phone running faster again.

  • Assess home screen apps and get rid of those less important. A large number of Highstermobile users have multiple apps on their home screen. But, is it really necessary to have so many apps on your home screen? Access which apps are used most often.  Delete the icon for apps you don’t use as much.  This can make it easier for the device to get back to the homepage faster since it doesn’t have to work as hard to load images on the page. Some apps could be put into a folder and you can have that one folder on your homepage.
  • Disable preloaded apps you don’t use. If possible look for apps on your device that are preloaded with the ability to be removed. While you are at it consider other apps you have on your device and determine which need to be deleted. You may have multiple apps you were using at one point, but fell out of the habit or lost interest in them. Start deleting them and if you cannot remove the app, disable it.  You can review apps disabled on your phone to get an idea of how much activity you can stop.  Keep in mind this may help gain more storage space.
  • Reset the phone to factor standards. If you are okay with erasing everything on the device you can complete this option. Many devices have this option through settings. A factory reset brings the phone back to its original condition when you initially brought it.  You have the option to backup data before resetting the device.
  • Turn off location services such as Bluetooth and GPS. These services can sometimes run constantly on your device. If you are not using it turn it off.  You can do this by going into device settings and selecting each option.  You can turn it on when you need to use it, but few feel it is unnecessary to have them running constantly.
  • Use a cleaner to help remove or disable apps. Learn what apps are running in background and remove old files. A good cleaner app program can help complete this action.  There are app programs that will go through your device and delete or disable apps based on your commands.  You can choose to remove apps on your own by going through your device. Yet, using a cleaner option helps identify files you can remove safely without accidently removing the wrong file.
  • Remove photos and video to create more space on the device. Another aspect to consider with  Hyster Mobile getting your device to run faster is to remove pictures and videos accumulated on your device.  This can help improve storage ability and create more free space.  This may help a little along with removing unused apps. You should also consider turning off moving or motion wallpapers.  This can conserve energy on the device while helping it to run more efficiently.