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The Best Tech Start-Ups Of 2016


It’s 2016 and the world of tech start-ups is more exciting than it’s ever been. There are hundreds of new start-ups popping up practically every day. But it’s the ideas that define the best start-ups of the pack. We’re taking a look at some of the best start-ups we’ve encountered this year. This is by no means a comprehensive list but these start-ups offer novel ideas, demonstrate real growth and initiative and just may change several huge facets of our daily lives.


Every year, we hear talk about how we need to reform the educational system and how we need to improve how kids learn in school. But AltSchool might, no joke, offer one of the first substantial solutions to the state of education in the United States. The idea behind start-up AltSchool is that kids, from kindergarten to eighth-grade, are placed in a mixed age “microschool” comprised of no more than 100 kids. Students are then given customized curriculum, where they’ll complete 20 to 25 projects per week, ranging from individualized to group projects, making it simple for students to learn relevant skills at their own pace.


Already highly regarded by companies like Apple, Workflow is a particularly notable app that allows users to create workflows to complete various semi-complex tasks on their phone. Say you want to calculate a tip or call your mother. You can combine features of multiple apps to get these tasks done, all by pressing one button on your phone. Workflow already has a huge cult following and it’s poised to expand tremendously this year.

Product Hunt

Think of Product Hunt as the Reddit of products. Users can upvote products, start-ups, websites and more, giving corporations a better idea of what products are winners (or not). Product Hunt has even provided developers the chance to answer live questions and more about their products, benefitting both consumers and developers/companies looking for honest feedback.


It can be hard to find talent for your start-up. Lever aims to change that by providing a handy platform where employees interested in working for Silicon Valley companies (such as Lyft and so on) can sign up and provide their resume. Job recruiters will then have the chance to find employees that best fit their company and even have the option putting particular candidates on “snooze”, which will give the recruiters a reminder to contact a candidate at a later date.


When you consider how many customers and companies rely on the so-called ‘gig-based’ economy to get tasks done, it only makes sense that start-up Checkr has grown as much as it has over the past few years. Checkr is used by services like Uber, Grubhub, and more. What Checkr does? It provides start-ups with comprehensive and fast background checks on potential employees, making it simple for start-ups to determine whether or not a potential employee has a criminal record, is a sex offender, or whatever other background information a start-up is concerned about.


This start-up aims to redefine elder care. The start-up, which only began last year, aims to help families find qualified, experienced senior caretakers, giving family members a piece of mind when finding a nurse or companion to help check up on grandma. Unlike other gig based start-ups, Honor aims to help pair seniors with long-term caretakers. Rates for customers start at $15 an hour, making Honor an affordable home-care service. Honor, as a matter of fact, actually took home top honors at the Crunchies, an annual award show that honors the most notable and innovative start-ups every year, winning “Best start-up”.

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