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Should Your Children Know That You Want to Install Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

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Trust is a major issue in any task that involves spying. You might disagree with this but you’re spying on your children each time you install a cell phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile. Most parents find themselves in a difficult situation wondering whether their children shall consider them distrustful by installing this software. Therefore, should you explain your decision to the children or let them be?


The answer to this question depends on one attribute – trust. If your children trust you, letting them in to the secret could be a good thing. However, the children could interpret this as proof that you no longer trust them wholly like you used to in the past. If your kids don’t trust you, telling them that you installed Highstermobile monitoring software could give them further evidence to continue distrusting you. In such a situation, what would you do?

A strong connection exists between trust and privacy. It is human nature to respect whoever values your privacy. A person who values your privacy is someone you can rely on to keep your secrets. In this regard, children aren’t any different from adults. The two groups value trust and privacy. This indicates why some parents prefer not to tell their children about the decision to install Hyster Mobile spy.

Depending on the nature of relationship that you enjoy with your children, opting to keep them out of the loop regarding installing the software could have disastrous results. Similarly, you have to wonder about the measures that the child can take after learning that you installed the software. Will the child download a more powerful software that can keep information regarding his use of the phone or whereabouts hidden? This is a distinct possibility that you must know.


Some children don’t know how to handle such news. In fact, it’s common for children to feel heartbroken upon realizing that their parents have been spying on them through the cell phone monitoring software. Betraying the trust is one of the possible outcomes of such realizations. For this reason, parents should delve into the task fully aware of the ramifications that could follow the decision to install the software.

Fulfilling Responsibility

A different question that the parents have to consider is whether installing the software indicates that they are fulfilling their responsibility or not. After all, nobody doubts that parents have a responsibility to their children. Some children might feel that parents have breached their sense of privacy. Although privacy is a crucial element, should parents feel restricted in their duties to the young ones?

Security and Safety

You must learn to communicate with your child. Children need assurance that the purpose of installing the software is to guarantee their safety and security. Let your child know that you only care about his/her safety and security. Sit with the son or daughter down and explain the dangers of keeping sensitive information away from you at a time when pedophiles, Internet predators and outright criminals are thriving on the innocence of children.

The questions you should ask before informing your children about the installation include:

  • What is trust?
  • How is trust earned?
  • Whom should children trust?
  • Why should children trust whomever they trust?

More importantly, let the children understand the parents’ responsibilities. Your child probably has trouble understanding the reason for installing the software because you’ve not spent time explaining why you took the seemingly drastic step. In such situations, you should explain the decision in a way that helps the child to see and appreciate why the software is good for him. Let the child understand that the software is mainly for his wellbeing.

Ultimately, decide whether it’s good to tell your child about the cell phone monitoring software.