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Why You Should Delete The Facebook App Right Now

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Let’s face it. We all love Facebook. It’s become as much of a part of life as phones have. Many of us have friends we only know through Facebook. Over a billion users of the mega-sized social network regularly use Facebook through their mobile devices.

But that might not be a good thing, at least if you’re using the Facebook app. Available on most operating systems, the Facebook app is among one of the most popular apps around. But it isn’t necessarily the best thing you can install on your phone. From cluttering up your phone’s storage space to draining your battery, here’s why you need to delete the Facebook app right now.

But What Do I Use Instead?

It should be worth noting that just because you’re deleting the Facebook app doesn’t mean that you can’t use Facebook at all. A better solution would be to stick to using Facebook through Safari or your internet browser. The mobile version of Facebook is just as effective as the app itself and it comes with few of the limitations that the app is typically associated with. You could also forgo using Facebook on your phone altogether if you’re worried about privacy but it’s not always feasible, especially if you’re someone who enjoys using Facebook on their phone. Both are options to consider.

Reason 1: The Battery Life

iOS 9 users realized something horrific after updating their Facebook app: it was draining their battery like nobody’s business. Granted, every app on your phone utilizes your battery, like a cell phone locator. But many users who had downloaded the Facebook app realized that using the app was draining an incredible amount of battery in a relatively short period of time. The revelation went viral.

Why does it drain so much battery unlike cell phone spy apps? The key might lie in the background. Since Facebook relies extensively on location services and on background app refresh, it’s almost always on and utilizing your phone’s resources to the hilt. Disabling background app refresh and location services might help relieve the load but won’t completely solve your Facebook app woes. The Facebook app itself is huge and by opening the app, you’re tasking your phone extensively.

Reason 2: Your Data

If you’re like most people, you’re on a limited data plan. When you’re not on a Wi-Fi network, you’ll have to use a cellular network to do things online. And using Facebook through the app eats up an incredible amount of data.With many people limited to a certain number of megabytes and gigs per month, it’s important to use your phone efficiently. Just using Facebook through Safari or Google Chrome instead of through the Facebook app can actually help you save a tremendous amount of data with very little effort.

Reason 3: Privacy

This can be a huge concern for Android users, especially if they know that cell phone tracking software has been installed on their phone. Installing the Facebook app allows Facebook to access other apps and significant amounts of personal data. If you’re worried about your information being compromised by hackers or just uncomfortable with allowing Facebook to have so much control over your phone, you may just be better off keeping Facebook off of your phone for now.

Reason 4: It’s Superfluous

If you want to use Facebook apps like Messenger or Moments, you don’t need to have the Facebook app installed. By using the mobile version of Facebook in tandem with Facebook apps, you can enjoy all of Facebook’s features without having to necessarily deal with the massive app that is the main Facebook hub. You don’t really need the Facebook app when you can use the mobile version in your web browser to log into other apps and use Facebook just like anyone else.