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FlexiSPY Review

flexispy review highster mobile

To manage my kid’s screen time, to protect my teen from online predators, to monitor my employees’ productivity, to protect our client’s data – these are some of the common reasons why one decides to install and utilize monitoring software. Such tools provide remote and real-time access to compatible devices, making it easier for the user to identify and address threats and issues on the monitored device.

Read our thorough FlexiSpy review to know for sure if it’s wise to settle with this pioneering software or to consider other options.

What Is FlexiSPY?

Being launched as early as 2006, FlexiSPY is known to be one of the pillars of the monitoring software industry. Being the first commercial cell phone spy app ever released in the market, there’s no denying FlexiSPY has been offering remote monitoring features to hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of users across the globe.

Though FlexiSPY has been providing monitoring services for 15 years now, it isn’t a perfect app. It has its fair share of advantages and benefits, but it also has its flaws and loopholes. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to perform basic phone monitoring, FlexiSPY could surely be an efficient choice.

The FlexiSPY app is compatible with a wide variety of devices and is packed with essential monitoring features. However, should you need more advanced or in-depth monitoring, you’ll have to first root or jailbreak the monitored device. 

Overall, this is a pretty decent software. But if you’re on a tight budget or price-conscious, there are more affordable options for you.

How Does FlexiSPY Work? 

Like any other monitoring app, FlexiSPY works by transmitting stealth commands and extracting data through a virtual connection initially established during the installation process. The said virtual connection links the target device and the software’s remote servers for smooth and simultaneous remote monitoring.

This premium spy software utilizes smart programming and through high-tech algorithms and codes, FlexiSPY is capable of remotely capturing and extracting valuable information from the monitored device. The installation process may not be as straightforward as advertised, but once you’ve properly installed the app, all you have to do is access the Flexispy portal.

Provided the software is fully installed and activated, you can continuously and simultaneously monitor. All you need are a stable internet connection, an internet-enabled device, and your active Flexispy login credentials. From your dashboard, you can view all activities from the target device. Beware though as, in our experience, there have been certain delays in updates and notifications – which could be critical especially when it comes to GPS location tracking. Plus, there are times when we’re unable to access certain media content – either broken images or corrupted videos. 

FlexiSPY: How To Install

One advantage of FlexiSPY is it’s compatible with a wide array of devices. It supports all cell network carriers and almost all versions of operating systems. You can install the app on the following devices.

  • Phones and tablets running on Android OS 4 to 11.
  • iPhones and iPads running on iOS 6.0 to 14X.
  • macOS including Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur. 
  • Windows computers including versions  7, 8, 8.1, and 10

The actual installation, however, is a bit trickier than we expected based on the advertised processes. First of all, you have to root or jailbreak the device should you want access to more advanced features. Secondly, while the step-by-step process seems easy, we experienced several issues installing and activating the software.

Nevertheless, here’s how to install the FlexiSPY app.

  1. Purchase – Select the plan you think is best for you, provide the needed information, and settle the required fees.
  1. Install – Manually install the software by clicking the provided download link. With additional charges, you may utilize the installation service offered by FlexiSPY.
  1. Access – Once installed, log back into the web portal and customize your dashboard. Anytime you want to view or access the device, you simply have to log in to this online control panel.

FlexiSPY Features for iPhone & Android 

flexispy review features

While FlexiSPY offers a myriad of essential monitoring and basic location tracking tools, there are now several competitors offering more in-depth, more advanced, and more modern features. Features-wise though, FlexiSPY is not pretty bad.

  • GPS Location Tracking – Like most spy apps, FlexiSPY offers GPS location tracking. From a map-like dashboard, you can view the locations of the target device. From our experience, however, there are some delays on GPS uploads and there are certain discrepancies on some captured locations.
  • Text Message and Phone Call Recording – This software lets you view sent and received text messages. Aside from call logs, FlexiSPY can actually record phone conversations. Call interception might be beneficial for most but be wary of existing laws as wiretapping is generally prohibited.
  • Multimedia Files Copying – Ability to copy photos, videos, audio files, and any other available media content on the monitored device. This feature supports almost all file types, including PEG, PBM, PAM, ECW, ODG, PDF, EMF+, MP4, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, M4v, AVI. Be prepared, however, for some inaccessible or corrupted files.
  • Keylogger and Screenshot Capturing – Records all keys typed in using the device’s keyboard regardless of which page or section the keystrokes are initiated. Also, the app captures snippets of screen activities. You can set alerts and notifications for critical or inappropriate words or phrases.
  • Online Activity Monitoring – Grants you access to all online activities – from web browsers to social networking sites to messaging apps. FlexiSPY lets you see account profiles, accessed URLs, searched keywords, shared content, and more.

Is FlexiSPY Worth The Subscription Fees?  

FlexiSPY is legit software – no question about this. When it comes to the associated fees, however, FlexiSPY is utterly expensive. Like most apps, there are no FlexiSPY free services. And unlike certain cell phone monitoring programs offering one-time payment only, FlexiSPY plans are available for recurring billing.

So, how much does FlexiSPY cost? Here are the plans and payment schemes offered.

  • Lite Plan
    • $29.95 monthly fee
  • Premium Plan
    • $68 monthly fee
    • $99 quarterly fee
    • $199 annual fee
  • Extreme Plan
    • $199 quarterly fee
    • $349 annual fee

Highster Mobile vs. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY could be a wise choice if you’re merely looking for basic monitoring and/or if you have the money to spare for monitoring software. Otherwise, you might want to consider other monitoring apps like Highster Mobile

FlexiSPY is capable of capturing conversations from third-party messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Viber, but unlike Highster Mobile, it cannot provide an in-depth view of the user’s social media activities. Additionally, there are certain unrecoverable activity logs from the monitored phone’s web history.

Sure, FlexiSPY is the first and oldest monitoring software available in the market, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it remains to be the best one. Based on the series of tests we’ve conducted, it appears FlexiSPY has failed to innovate in a more timely and rapid manner as its competitors do. There are several newer apps that despite their tenureship in the industry, their promising features and modern solutions are more enticing. There are newer apps like Highster Mobile that deliver, thanks to the cutting-edge advanced technologies they utilize.

Here are some other strong points why Highster Mobile appears to be a better choice than FlexiSPY.


One-time payment with no recurring billing for as low as $35.88. 

$29.95 monthly fees for the most basic monitoring features.

Free Demo Account

Doesn’t offer a free trial but offers a money-back guarantee. 

There’s a FlexiSPY free demo account offered.

Device Compatibility & App Installation

Compatible with Android phones and tablets,iPads, and iPhones. Can be installed without rooting or jailbreaking.

Compatible with Android and  iOS devices, macOS, and Windows computers. Rooting and jailbreaking are required.

Inclusive Features

Essential monitoring features, efficient tracking tools, intricate parental controls, and exquisite security protocols. 

Essential monitoring and tracking features but no parental controls and no ability to block apps or sites.

Alerts & Notifications

Simultaneous and real-time alerts and notifications.

Certain delays on alerts and notifications. 

Phone Calls

Recording of phone call logs only, showing call IDs, phone numbers, network carriers, call types, timestamps, and call duration.

Actually records conversations, intercepting and wiretapping even personal phone calls (which is illegal).

Control Panel Dashboard

User-friendly interface with a smart and straightforward design.

A bit crowded and scattered general user interface.

Customer Service

Available 24/7 and response time is almost instant. 

Available 24/7 but the response time is a bit long.


Phone monitoring is a wise strategy for parents and employers alike. The remote access to online and offline phone activities can significantly help users in ensuring safety and security. And in the virtual world, where tons of threats and dangers are lurking, it’s important to have such utility tools. 

It is vital you choose trusted and reliable monitoring software like Highster Mobile. Highster Mobile has been proven to have satisfied customers, excellent features, and is highly affordable.

Try Highster Mobile today!