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Highster Mobile: A Look Into the World of Text Bullying

One of the things that easily convince parents that they need to install Highster Mobile phone spy app on their children’s phone is text bullying. Text bullying is a relatively…

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Should Your Children Know That You Want to Install Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

Trust is a major issue in any task that involves spying. You might disagree with this but you’re spying on your children each time you install a cell phone monitoring…

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Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing Highster Mobile Monitoring Software

When purchasing monitoring software you need to evaluate a few things, make a list and then comparison shop. You need to first make a note of what you’re monitoring: cell…

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Am I Invading My Child’s Privacy by Using Spyware?

Many parents face a guilty conscience at the thought of spying on their kids. They want to be able to trust their child or teen to do the right thing….

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