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PanSpy Review

panspy review

So your young child or teen has a cell phone. Now what? Do you just allow them the freedom to use their phone as they wish? Of course not! There are several dangers associated with phone use including addiction, lack of sleep, online predators, scammers, hackers, and more. So, what’s a parent to do? That’s simple – monitor their child’s cell phone with a phone tracking app. 

Of the several cell phone spy apps out there, we chose to review the PanSpy app. But, is it the best one out there? We review this and everything there is to know about the PanSpy Android monitoring app. 

What Is PanSpy?

The PanSpy app is a cell phone spy app marketed as a parental control solution. At this time, PanSpy only provides an Android phone tracking app with the iPhone version coming soon. When you look into their parental control feature, it leads you to a completely different product website for FamiKit. So, are these the same product or is FamiKit included with your PanSpy app purchase? Their website doesn’t explain this. 

What Do Customers Say About PanSpy? 

It is hard to determine how good PanSpy works and its legitimacy based on customer reviews. There are very few reviews online on sites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot. The few reviews there are praise PanSpy for its parental control solutions like controlling phone screen time. However, it is abnormal they don’t have more reviews especially since the product has been around since 2018. 

How Does PanSpy Work? 

Since PanSpy only offers an Android spy app, we are only going to describe how its Android monitoring app works. 

  1. Create a PanSpy app account and select the plan that best suits your needs. They offer monthly, quarterly, and annual plans along with a free trial with limited features.
  2. Install the PanSpy Android phone tracking app following the directions provided by the company. You will need the physical device to install the PanSpy app. 
  3. Log into your PanSpy control panel and view the Android phone’s information remotely. 

PanSpy Features

The features included depend on the package you avail of. The “Ultimate” packages include every feature PanSpy has to offer. One feature we do want to mention is the call recording feature. Call recording other’s phone calls is considered illegal and is not a feature premiere tracking apps like Highster Mobile include. Below are the key features of PanSpy we want to highlight.

  • Call history and contacts.
  • Installed apps and app activity like on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.
  • Keyword alerts. 
  • Geofencing and GPS location tracking. 
  • Browser history and website filter. 
  • Photos and videos.
  • 24/7 customer support. 

Highster Mobile vs. PanSpy

Now to the good part. How does PanSpy compare to one of the best cell phone monitoring apps, Highster Mobile. 


One-time payment with no recurring billing for as low as $35.88. Two package types are available with additional services available. 

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual packages are available starting at $8.33/month for the Annual plan.

Free Trial

Doesn’t offer a free trial but offers a money-back guarantee. 

Offers a 3-day free trial which includes select and limited features. 

App Installation

Straightforward 3-step process without the need for rooting/jailbreaking and without the risk of iCloud account locking.

A simple three-step process where physical access to the target Android device is needed.

Inclusive Features

Includes all essential phone monitoring and parental control features which are included in all packages.

Includes numerous phone tracking and monitoring features that depend on the package type chosen.

Customer Service

Available 24/7 and response time is almost instant. 

Available 24/7 but based on customer reviews, is not the most reliable. 

As you can see when PanSpy is compared to Highster Mobile, Highster Mobile is the clear winner! So, if you are a parent looking to monitor their child’s cell phone, look no further than Highster Mobile.