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Qustodio Review

qustodio review

Remote phone monitoring is accessible and convenient. Nowadays, anyone who has access to any internet-enabled device and/or knows how to use one could easily operate and utilize even the most advanced monitoring software. Nevertheless, like any other technological advancement, such access and privilege should never be abused. 

Several spy apps are available and downloadable from the App Store, Google Play Store, or any other third-party virtual marketplaces. Some offer basic monitoring functionalities only while some provide in-depth tracking of online activities like Google Chrome web history and social media posts. Also, a few premium apps offer intricate parental controls and security settings, making them more powerful and cost-effective. If you’re considering subscribing to monitoring software, read our thorough Qustodio review. 

What Is Qustodio?

Qustodio is a cell phone monitoring app that grants users remote access to any compatible device. Like any other regular spyware, it’s designed to automatically extract valuable information from the target device and simultaneously transmit collated data to a secure database. With Qustodio, however, there were some unnecessary interruptions with the data transmissions, causing delays and latencies. 

The Qustodio app has been designed to work with iOS and Android phones, as well as other internet-enabled devices such as tablets, laptops, and desktops. This is one of Qustodio’s strong points. However, though you can also install this app without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone, you’d eventually have to if you wish to gain access to its more advanced features. Also, Qustodio’s installation process isn’t as straightforward as other premium spy apps. It’s quite challenging to download and activate the software as, from our experience, there are several technical issues. 

Overall, Qustodio is pretty decent monitoring software. If you’re looking for in-depth monitoring, however, you should consider other elite apps. This is especially true if you need intricate online activity tracking. 

What Do Customers Say About Qustodio? 

While Qustodio provides basic monitoring, it isn’t as smart as other premium spy apps. Aside from not having advanced tools and functionalities, it isn’t smartly designed enough that kids can easily locate and disable the software. 

To better understand why you shouldn’t settle with this software, here are some Qustodio reviews of unsatisfied subscribers.

I installed Qustodio when my kids first got their phones at 10/11 years old. I was always impressed at the daily reports and the ability to manage their access to certain types of content and limit their times.

However, now at 11 & 13 and with enthusiasm to do more with their smartphones, both of them were able to find work arounds to restricted times, before actually totally disabling Qustodio on their phones.

It became an entirely pointless solution if the kids could essentially do what they wanted, whenever they wanted.

When I highlighted this to Qustodio they showed no surprise and simply gave me instructions on how to cancel my subscription.

Matt, January 11, 2022 on Trustpilot

Regularly fails to do what it claims.

Time limits are set, but a child still uses app’s outside the allowance, logging 8-10 hours on their systems (!) when theoretically allowed only a couple.
Usage times are set, nothing after 1800 say … and it’s allowing use at 2100 hours!
App’s and websites like YouTube blocked … but hundreds of video’s and many hours logged.

And “Support” offer weasley excuses and cliche’s like “Reinstall the latest” … and the failings persist.

Toby B, January 5, 2022 on Trustpilot

I am not receiving any text confirmation when setting up Panic button using a mobile number. Tried several times but still not working. Also app time limit restriction still allow kids to use it, also not sending an alert when their time is up.

AJ Veloso, September 12, 2021 on Google Play

How To Install and Use Qustodio 

The installation of the Qustodio app requires much patience and time as it isn’t as straightforward as advertised. During the series of tests we’ve conducted, we’ve encountered several issues as early as the installation process. 

The Qustodio app supports a wide array of devices – Android, iOS, macOS, Windows. However, you’d have to allow tons of access before being able to utilize the software. Also, you’d eventually need to root or jailbreak the target device should you want to maximize the offered features.

Moreover, unlike other apps featuring a 3-step installation and control process, you’d have to go through a series of steps before being able to access the Qustodio login page and use the features.

  1. Sign-up for a new account.
  2. Click on the verification link from the confirmation email.
  3. Create a profile for your child.
  4. Input all necessary information then click Save and Continue.
  5. Select the device type of the person you’ll be monitoring.
  6. Click Yes then click Protect this device.
  7. Wait for the installation to complete.
  8. Close all open web browsers then click Ok.
  9. Log back into your Qustodio account.
  10. When prompted, you may opt to hide the app icon from the monitored device.
  11. Click Next and select the user account you’ll be spying on.
  12. Continue clicking Next or following the on-screen instructions until the software is fully installed.

Qustodio Features

Qustodio features aren’t as fancy as other elite monitoring apps. It lacks the in-depth parental controls offered by more efficient monitoring tools for kids such as Highster Mobile. Also, if you’re looking for intricate social media monitoring, this isn’t the right app for you as it’s only capable of tracking certain activities on Facebook.

Nevertheless, though not as thorough, you can still use this software to monitor a child’s phone using its basic features.

  • Monitoring of text messages
  • Call recording
  • Location tracking
  • Screen time limit
  • Web browser history monitoring

Highster Mobile vs. Qustodio

Qustodio has succeeded in creating hype but features and functionalities-wise, it doesn’t justify its popularity. Various other apps to monitor kids’ phones are better options than this child monitoring tool.

For instance, Highster Mobile offers essential monitoring tools, advanced tracking features, intricate parental controls, and reliable security settings. All modern solutions are wrapped in an easy-to-access and easy-to-use dashboard.


One-time payment with no recurring billing for as low as $35.88. 

The monthly plan starts at $34.95.

Free Trial

Doesn’t offer a free trial but offers a money-back guarantee. 

 3-day premium access.

App Installation

Straightforward 3-step process without the need for rooting/jailbreaking and without the risk of iCloud account locking.

Misleading and complicated installation steps. Rooting and jailbreaking are required for access to more advanced features.

Inclusive Features

Essential and advanced monitoring features.

Basic monitoring included. Parental controls like web blocking and content filters aren’t as fool-proof as advertised.

Updates & Notifications

Simultaneous and real-time alerts and notifications.

Certain delays on alerts and notifications. 

Control Panel Dashboard

User-friendly interface with a smart and straightforward design.

A bit crowded and scattered general user interface.

Customer Service

Available 24/7 and response time is almost instant. 

Available 24/7 but the response time is a bit long.

Both the Qustodio and Highster Mobile monitoring apps have their strong points and downsides. However, when taking into consideration the key factors, there’s no denying that Highster Mobile makes up for a more practical and smarter option. Highster provides greater value for your money when compared to Qustodio.