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Why Windows 10 Wasn’t Worth the Wait

Windows 10, as Window’s latest operating system, has big shoes to fill and a lot to make up for. Between relatively unpopular operating systems over the past few years such as Windows 8 and the particularly infamous Windows Vista, Microsoft has been trying to make good with Windows 10. But as it turns out, Windows 10 just might not be worth the wait. A year after its initial release, Windows 10 hasn’t quite given users the revolutionary operating system we were all promised. Here’s why Windows 10 just wasn’t worth the wait.

Automatic Updates

If you’re not particularly tech savvy, automatic updates might seem like a huge relief. After all, updates are important. They help ensure that you’ll always be using a system that features the latest and greatest security updates and other fun features. But the thing about Microsoft requiring automatic updates for Windows 10 comes with a huge downside and it has to do with the fact that not all Windows-running systems are created equal. With manufacturers creating hundreds of different systems all running Windows 10, there’s different graphics card specifications to worry about, different hardware capabilities, and more. And not all updates work as they should on different Windows computers. For the user who updates her computer, only to discover that her computer’s basically toast, figuring out how to return the operating system to its last version before the update can be an absolute headache.

Settings and Control Panel

You’d think by now that when you need to update your computer’s settings, you should simply be able to visit Settings to change everything. But that still doesn’t apply to Windows 10, even though that’s a feature users have been promised for at least a year. Users have to visit both Control Panel, which must be accessed from the Task Bar, and Settings, accessible through the Start menu, separately in order to do things like manage user accounts and change the look of the user interface. Why can’t it all be accessible from one place? That’s something both Linux and the Mac family of operating systems have managed to do right. But somehow Windows has still failed to make changing your settings more user friendly.

No DVD Player (Or Windows Center)

One notable feature missing from Windows this time around? A free DVD player. With the justification that users prefer to stream content online, the fact that Microsoft pulled the ability to view DVDs for free on Windows 10 is a huge oversight. In order to watch DVDs or replace Windows Media Center, you’ll have to separately download an app from the Windows Store. Considering the fact that the Windows Media Center has been a beloved feature for years, one can only wonder why Microsoft even thought it was a good idea.

Default Apps Are Lacking

Even a year later, it’s hard to love many of the default apps included along with Windows 10. Like the iPhone, it’s impossible to delete any of the default apps that came preloaded on Windows 10, including Cortana and the Xbox app. Not an Xbox owner? You won’t get any use out of the Xbox app but you won’t be able to delete it and truly make your computer your own.

No One Likes Microsoft Edge

We’re all glad to see Internet Explorer go but Microsoft Edge still hasn’t really found its footing. Sure, it’s slightly better than Internet Explorer but it’s far from a substantial, truly useful browser. You’re still better off downloading Opera, Chrome, or whatever other Internet browser tickles your fancy. Between glitches and constant crashing, Microsoft Edge didn’t exactly provide the revolutionary browser experience Microsoft promised us.

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