Cell Phone Monitoring

The Ultimate Guide To Cell Phone Monitoring

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Cell phone monitoring isn’t just made-up technology used by special agents in the movies. There are real technologies that can be used to monitor a cell phone. They are available for the public to use, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy or a genius to use them. One such monitoring software is Highster Mobile Android and iPhone Monitoring Software.

In our ultimate guide, we discuss all about cell phone monitoring and how you can use Highster Mobile to do so.

What Is Cell Phone Monitoring?

Mobile phone monitoring happens when someone legally downloads a software program or app onto a mobile device in order to view its contents. Some phone activities and contents a person could view include text messages, call logs, social media, photos, videos, and much more.

When most people think of monitoring a cell phone, they think of listening in on and recording someone’s calls. However, recording a phone call is highly illegal. Legitimate monitoring products, like Highster Mobile, do not have this banned feature.

Reasons To Start Monitoring A Phone

There are many legitimate ways to use a cell phone monitoring software. A parent can monitor their child’s device, without permission, as long as they are their legal guardian. Employers can track their employees’ company-owned devices with their permission.

To Know A Child’s Phone Activities

It’s a parent’s responsibility to know what their child is doing on their cell phone. Some things parents must know include:

  • Who they are talking and messaging with.

  • What apps they use.

  • What websites they visit.

  • The photos and videos they’ve taken and received from others.

  • Who their friends with and what they’re posting on social media.

To Monitor Employees’ Phone Use During Work Hours

Employers can use monitoring software to improve their employees’ and business work performance. It’s not unknown that employees can waste time at work browsing on social media, texting, and watching YouTube videos. As an employer, it’s essential to monitor their phone activities to make sure they are using it productively and doing their job properly.

How To Monitor A Cell Phone Using Highster Mobile

With Highster mobile, you can now have the power to monitor a cell phone and monitor its contents. If you’re constantly worrying about what’s happening on the target device, this cell phone monitoring product is the solution.

Step 1

Purchase Highster Mobile For Android
or iPhone Monitoring

Before doing anything, you must purchase the right Highster Mobile product for you. If you’re looking to monitor an Android phone, then you need the Android Software. If you’re looking to monitor an iPhone, you need the iPhone No-Jailbreak Software. The only device you have to take into consideration is the target phone, not the one that you’ll be viewing the information on. The price is the same for both the Android and iPhone versions.

Step 2

Install The Application

The installation process for our products does differ for Android and iPhone devices.

To install on Android:

  • Open the OTA (over-the-air) link you receive from us on the phone you want to monitor.

  • Enter your unique Highster Mobile product license key.

  • Follow a few more prompts and wait for the on screen installation confirmation pop-up.

To install on iPhone:

  • Open the Testflight link you receive from us on the phone you want to monitor.

  • Download the Testflight app and open it to redeem the unique Highster Mobile license key.

  • Follow a few more prompts until you reach the “Setup Completed” screen.

Step 3

View The Cell Phone’s Data

Once our product is installed on the target device, you’re all set! The phone’s data will be uploaded to your account in real-time. Our product dashboard is very easy to navigate so you can find the information you’re looking for fast!

What Data You Can See From The Monitored Phone

You can see practically all of the phone’s activities using Highster Mobile. The only thing you cannot do is listen on and record phone calls, as it is illegal! But you can see…

  • iMessages, SMS Messages, and Text Messages (and their contents).

  • Private Messages on Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, and more.

  • Mobile Browser History (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

  • Social Media Activities and Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

  • Call log of incoming and outgoing calls, with date and time stamps.

  • Photos and Videos taken on the phone and received from others.

  • Important Account Login Information using the Keylogger Feature.

  • The phone’s real-time GPS location.