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  • 1. How does the app work?


    The app works virtually. It will only take you less than 5 minutes to perform the process of setting it up then you can read or monitor the device using your pc or any other device by just logging in to your control panel.

  • 2. How do you bypass 2 Factor Authentication (iPhone)?


    You will need to get the security code from the trusted device and enter it to the dashboard to bypass 2fa

  • 3. My information is not uploading (Android version)


    When you first installed the application, did you do the following:

    • “it will ask for permissions, then show Accessibility screen and then asks for device admin. All 3 steps must be completed to be able to get any data from the device.
    • Also, you should turn off any battery saving modes, since they may limit background data and can prevent data from being uploaded to the server.

    We suggest you reinstall the software and make sure the above steps are completed as this will address the updating issue you are experiencing.

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